Mont Under

A Bouquet of Quests

Once, on this Island....

Some notes from an adventurer…

When we last finished, we had just agreed to meet with some priests and warriors from the Temple of Heironeous that evening in the town of Fairingtown Branch to begin a search for the missing sword in the mountains to the east.    We left after lunch on the north road out of Mont Under (so as to confuse any pursuers or informants).  Once out of the city, we turned west then south across the road to Imperial City and then east again to the southern road.  We reached Fairingtown Branch around 3pm.  There we waited at the Fair Lady Inn where at nightfall we met a servant girl named Benia who, for the princely sum of 6sp, arranged for us 3 row boats at dock #4.  Before parting, we paid Benia to stable Pip (Kara’s donkey) with the captain’s warhorse that we already have stabled here (the one we exchanged for Vas’s {peace be with him} sword).  It was lightly snowing be this time.   We then rowed out onto the lake toward the NE where we were to meet the Heironeous party at the largest of a cluster of islands in the NE corner of the lake.  The party we were to meet consists of the following: Derrius, a level 7 cleric Dear, dear Tyk Hamil, a level 5 cleric and 4 lvl 4 fighters named Arin, Faest, Tran, and Viel.   While crossing the lake, we were taking care to avoid the other boaters that remained on the lake.  During transit, Rauther heard and saw “something” in the water behind us.  Once we were close to the island, a vaguely humanoid crab creature rose beneath one of the boats.  We were able to defeat the crab while landing the boats without any casualties.    Upon landing on the island we sent out the familiars and wolves to reconnoiter island (wolves along the beaches and the birds directly inland).  The birds found a clearing on the central hill, one wolf found other boats to the left, and the other wolf was grievously attacked by something to the right.  We decided to try to seek out the Heironeous party (supposedly at the boats) before trying to engage the wolf’s mystery assailant.   When we reached the other boats, we only found 2 and one of the them had been smashed.  No bodies or equipment were found nearby.  However, we did find a creepy- looking and smelly (according to the Caaden’s toad) tree nearby.  Against the protestations of both Rauther and Raedegunde, Kale and Yiqinne fired arrows at this creepy tree. 

At this point, the tree began emitting this strange keening sound.  Those that failed their Will saves (all familiars and wolves, Aegon, Caaden, Cruven) began walking directly toward the tree as if enchanted.  Once within range of the tree, this provoked attacks of opportunity.  Scerra was killed with one blow.  This creature’s attacks were regularly very strong and it was nearly impossible to hit it AND it seemed to exhibit some form of damage resistance.  Although, the party received mighty blows from this creature, no one else fell (in combat anyway).  At the end of the combat, the tree cast a magical darkness, grabbed the enchanted wolves, escaped into the swamp.   Once, we blundered out of the darkness, retrieved all of our party members (Cruven and Aegon fled in terror toward the end of combat) we began tracking the tree into the swamp. While coursing through the swamp we noticed two things: the air was appreciably warmer in the swamp than in either the shore or Fairingtown Branch and there were no noticeable animal sounds in the swamp (or on the island?).    We encountered a clearing after emerging from the swamp and climbing through several hundred feet of forest, at which we realized that we had lost the trail of the tree.  While investigating the clearing, Kale and Cruven encountered a treant (not the same as the tree that attacked us).  The had the following conversation with the creature in sylvan:   Treant-  YOUR FRIENDSDO NOT APPROACH.   Kale- My friends behind us you asked us not to approach or Do you speak of the wolves?   I KNOW NO WOLVES. DO NOT APPROACH.   Are there other trees on the island that are corrupted somehow?  It is by such a one that we were attacked.   THE COVEN IS OUR ENEMYTHE ISLAND HAS MANY INHABITANTSBUT NONE LIKE YOU.  (thinks for a moment)    ONLY  ONE.   You seem like a noble being, and we could aid you against this coven perhaps as they may have our wolf friends.  Who and where is this one like us?  Is he of the coven?   WAIT HERE. DO NOT FOLLOW.     While this was happening, Kara and Bobo spotted a human-looking female in amongst the trees.  While scouting overhead during our wait, Bobo saw this female again and she walked into a tree and vanished.   A little while later, a gigantic treant arrived and escorted us up the hill to the clearing at the center of the island.  There, coming out of a strange, onion-like plant building, was the female.  We learned that she was called Miss Precious and she lived here with many more of the treants and “others.”  When we described the tree that attacked us, she called it the Twist.

While not one of her “friends” she kept it around for amusement. During our conversation with her, we learned that she was enemies with the group called the coven.  However, we did not learn much about the nature of this coven.  Also, she mentioned that another group had arrived before us, but she could not confidently say as to their location or condition.  Caaden developed a massive boner for Miss Precious and she was very flirtatious with both him and Kale (who she kept calling handsome??). She mentioned that we (as a party) were not boring.   We struck a bargain with her in an effort to retrieve the wolves.  She said that she would try to talk to the Twist and see is she could secure the wolves’ release.  In the meantime, we were to try to investigate the reason behind the sudden chilling that has occurred on this island recently.  Evidently, it has snowed on this island for the first time in a great many years.  Supposedly there is something magical that keeps the island warmer than it should be.  We are to try to determine what has happened and fix it if possible.  We were pointed in the direction of a hill where we should start looking.    While en route to this hill we needed to cross a stream.  In the process of investigating this stream (you know, for zombies and stuff), three weedy, plant creatures shuffled out of the water to attack us.  While this was happening, animated (?) vines behind us attacked Aegon and Rauther.  We had begun battle when the session ended.  No foes or friends had fallen thus far.  



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