Mont Under

A Tense Past and Future

Where am I and what am I doing?

“My experiences with Kale’s cohorts has been consistently terrifying since that very first chance meeting with the bard, Jinx, led me to the path I now tread. Whether it be below ground, fighting monsters spawned from the depths of some unknown Hell, or being threatened by men up above, my skills as a priest and warrior are constantly being put to the test, even as, all the while, my faith too is tested. Now, I am face to face with death, in the bowels of the City’s sewers, wondering whether I will get out alive, or end up like too many of my companions, as so much dust.”

“I live in fear of the shadow that seems cast over us, and over Kale’s family and friends. My duty pulls me in several directions at once. At the same time I feel an obligation to my friend and his missing family, I also feel an obligation to our leader, and her missing family. And further, the demands of my church force me to choose a path somewhere in between.”

“Rules were made both to be followed and to be broken; choice is my most constant companion.”

- Tyk, Priest of Heironeous, Nov. 20, 1312



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