Mont Under

Loss of a friend

The sewers claim my longtime friend

After laying waste in surprising fashion to the group blocking the party’s exit from the sewers, we picked up those items not blown apart in the explosion and returned to the surface. First order of things was to get some immediate attention for Kara and I, who’s state continued to transform as a result from contact with the creatures in the sewers.

The temple of Yollonda was helpful in resolving this for Kara and me, and although our form returned to normal, the hair we lost did not grow back. The party was in need of rest after taking a bit of punishment in the sewers, and headed back to our usual haunt to rest for the night.

As I attempted to enter their room, I found my body went weak when I grabbed the door knob. Further inspection showed that the door handle had been contaminated with a contact activated poison. We then opted to rest at another inn, and I would need time to recover from the poisoning.

As part of a plan to try to find out who was at the center of the plot against the party in the city, I recommended taking advantage of my bald state to try to start the process of repairing their reputation and perhaps drawing out those plotting against us.

Dressing up as one of the priests of The Goddess of the Cousinhood, I painted my face accordingly with the paints found at the temple some time ago that she had been hauling around.

The party set up around the main square of the city to provide cover and observe who may come out to observe the note, and I posted it, then left the center. After some time a human male (of course), with some disgust, read the note and tore it down. He headed out of the center, and Scerra flew overhead to observe where he was heading. It turns out he went down into another section of the sewers.

We then removed the lid to the sewer and moved it to another area, so we would not be sealed under the city again without some form of egress. We proceeded to follow the individual down into the sewer.

After winding our way through, we came to a point in the sewers where there was a large pool with a giant snapping turtle that attacked the party. Kale, who had entered the water, was quickly attacked and sustained substantial damage. Despite an attempt to heal him, a second strike by the creature resulted in his death.

The party proceeded to attack the creature, and was finally able to subdue it. But it was at a high cost, as the party was now down two members, one who was newer, but of much more impact, one who had been part of the core of the group from the start of our journeys.

Investigating the immediate area, the party found a secret panel in the wall on the far side of the watery room, and found a small room with several paths off of it on the other side. Despite this discovery, the party felt that heading back above ground, healing, and finding a way to bring back Kale was the most prudent plan. While I would like to find a way to bring Kale back to us, I don’t know if we have the funds to accomplish this.

Kale has always been a good friend, and I have not known anyone I trust longer. I will take stock of Kale’s goods and see if selling this can raise the funds we need…they are no good to him dead. However, Kara seems to have an alternate plan…

Yiqinne Nailo



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