Mont Under

May 7, 2010: Notable Events

The party are about to embark on an expedition.

Some points to ponder from last time…

1. Vaob was not at the meeting at the Church of St. Cuthbert. The PCs met Garyss instead.

2. The PCs returned to the “Dirt Mine” and saw a “magic mouth”.

3. The PCs are now frequenting The Ancient Wizard Inn.

4. An elf named Gliss was to impart information to Kale but was mysteriously killed before he could speak.

5. Rauther spoke with the dead and asked the deceased Gliss three questions.

6. Garyss could not make it to the second meeting with Lord Vaob, according to some soldiers.

7. The meetings with Lord Vaob are suspended for now, according to the same soldiers.

8. A high priest named Fasor told the PCs about a secret expedition by the Temple of Heironeous to recover the sword that fits the golden scabbard.

9. Kale and Cruven got new wolves.

10. Aegon is from the mountains to the east.



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