Mont Under

May 21, 2010

Some points to ponder from last time…

1. The PCs rented three rowboats from a girl named Benia a the the Fair Lady Inn.

2. The PCs were instructed to meet the Heironeous party of seven on the largest island in the northeast corner of Sapphire Lake.

3. The PCs fought some big crab-like monster on the shores of a big island.

4. The largest island in the chain is comprised of three large hills.

5. The PCs did not find the other group. They found a pair of rowboats, one smashed.

6. A large, gloomy tree did something to some of the PCs, who then walked right up to it.

7. The tree killed Skera and possibly the two wolves- it is unknown since it escaped into darkness.

8. The PCs met a fabulous new personality called Miz Precious, who occupies a strange “hut” at the top of the center hill of the island.

9. There is a faint aura of evoker magic in the very air of the island.

10. The PCs are headed east to fix something for Miz Precious and find Tyk and the others if possible.



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