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Explore Faster, Explore More Intense!

First, and most important, everyone is alive. I can speak to the specifics of Cruven, but I don’t know the exact details on Raedegunede (but I do know she is in very good shape).

After leaving that room, we proceeded into the cave to the west. This was large cave where the moaning sounds seemed to be coming from. First Malik’s bat went in for a look see, but came back a minute later somewhat freaked out as something tried to grab it. Yiqinne and Cruven then entered the cave, moving silently and hiding as we approached down opposite walls to the location the bat indicated it was grabbed.

Upon getting to the end of the room, we found an old, rather eccentric man sitting on a chest, muttering to himself, but very aware that we were present. After referring to Cruven and Yiqinne as SOBs, Yiqinne snidely remarked that she was not male. The response was a look of curiosity (this is important, I’ll get to that).

The rest of the party moved into the cave behind our sneaky folks, and as each individual came into view, the stranger’s look got puzzeled (for lack of a better word, not quite what I would call it).

We started asking him questions, and he indicated his name was Wigalof (spelling?) and he was from Yorkingview Branch (again, not sure on spelling). This is a town that some in our party seemed to be aware of.

He then asked us to take him out of there, somewhat urgent in his request. We asked him how he got there, and he was evasive. Sensing motive showed that he was not representing the whole truth, and Rauther’s detect evil came back negative. Yiqinne cast detect magic, and found that all of him glowed magically. Yiqinne theorized that this was a different type of creature (dragon?) that had transformed itself (and important new thought on this further down****).

Upon inspection of the chest he was sitting on, Yiqinne found nothing. A small party headed over to a small alcove area in the cave, and found a statue of a woman in a “resting” position, as well as an empty vial. The statue was laying on the ground. Upon asking if the statue had a base, it was found it did not, and the assumption went instantly to the idea that this was a petrified being (young woman). The vial, upon inspection by Malic, was empty but had traces from the school of Transformation.

It occurred to me, we assumed that the woman may have drank the potion and turned to stone. We failed to consider that this creature may have consumed the potion to transform into a human, then left the vial there as a red herring…have we been duped?

The man continued to press to be taken out of the cave, “Take me outside”. Yiqinne finally said, “Go, no one is stopping you”. He cautiously walked past the party and headed to the exit to the large cave area. When he passed Yiqinne, he commented that he was surprised to find that she was a female, as he did not know there were any. This was confusing, and I don’t know what it means, but was worth noting. This is likely why he assumed I was male, he did not expect a female elf for some reason. We should also note that he took particular interest in the fact that Caaden had elven heritage…there is clearly something about elves with him, and I regret not noting it last night (again, it struck me on the car ride home).

He turned and asked why we were letting him leave. Yiqinne said “We told you, we mean you no harm”. He then asked if we were afraid that he would lock us in here (suggesting rotation of the statue putting up the barrier), and we told him we would find a way out. He laughed and said we would not, but then said “Turn left when you leave and you will find what you are looking for…and I will not forget this.”

With that, he left, and as he went out of sight, we heard a confident roar, much louder than we had heard before.

We then decided since there was no obvious path forward to return and explore the “northern” of the three corridors. We took the “statue” with us, and put it in the 5th boat so we didn’t have to physically haul it around, and teathered the boat to the statue.

We rotated the statue to enter the northern corridor, and in doing that found another “flaming well”, this time white, but with the same general properties when material was put in it.

Moving on, we came to natural cavern with a 20’ area down one end filled with water. No sooner had we gone there did two of the clawed creatures we fought on the rotting boat come out at us. We made very fast work of them, thanks in part to several maximized fireballs from Malik, some nice shooting by Cruven, and an arrow to Rauther’s back from Yiqinne courtesy of an epic fail!

Using the “no breathing” stone, Cruven went into the water to see where it lead. He came back after a few minutes and reported that the area opened to a larger area, at least partially submerged, but did not look too much as there were 4 more of the creatures down there. They did not seem to notice his presence.

Since that path forward presented a lot of obstacles, we opted to exit back to the statue and head north through the 20’ wide channel of water. Shortly after turning the bend we came on a large dwarf made wall and staircase (the one in the picture) that the water flowed past to an turn to the west. As we approached the structure, stalactites fell from the ceiling on all of us. Cruven sustained 7 hp damage, but I can’t speak for Raedegunde.

When we arrived in front of the structure, Yiqinne lead the way up, looking for traps and pressure plates. There were 4 statues (shown in picture) around the stairs and there are 5 portals on the wall, with the one on the center having 8 individual dials with numbers ranging 1-13 on each dial.

When we approached the face, it started to “animate”, but looked more like a projection over the carving, as opposed to the stone itself moving. It started by saying “Welcome, kinsman, welcome back to Fairbesord”. (again, spelling?) Faest was clearly in a state of awe as the giant head spoke some form of poetic verse, in dwarven. After this we all stood there, and in unison all said “Hosil” (the funny thing on that is literally all of us just said it at the same time without prompting…we were all thinking it).

With that, the session ended…talk about a cliff hanger!

So there it is for the moment. I think this is all accurate, but if not, feel free to correct me or add your commentary.

Until later…




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