Kalendios Siannodelin

A scarred ferocious protector struggling for his place in the world.


Kalendios Siannodelin, Level 6 Elf, Ranger

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 14, Con 12, Dex 21, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 9.

Starting Ability Scores Str 14, Con 14, Dex 18, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 9.

AC: 22 Touch: 18 Flat-Footed: 17 Fort: +6 Reflex: +10 Will: +4 HP: 46 Intiative:+5 Speed: 30ft

BAB: +6/+1 Grapple: +8

ATTACKS ‘Full Attack:Main Hand’ (Heartstone: +2 Shortsword) +12/+7 to hit, 1d6+4, 19-20×2 +2dmg vs. Orcs, +4dmg vs. Undead

‘Full Attack:Off Hand’ (Brother Blade: Masterwork Shortsword) +11/+6 to hit, 1d6+2, 19-20×2 +2dmg vs. Orcs, +4dmg vs. Undead

‘Heartstone’ (+2 Shortsword) +14/+9 to hit, 1d6+4, 19-20×2 +2dmg vs. Orcs, +4dmg vs. Undead

‘Leafstone’ (+2 Heavy Mace) +11/+6 to hit, 1d8+5, 20×2 +2dmg vs. Orcs, +4dmg vs. Undead

Mighty Composite Longbow +11, 1d8+2, 20×3 +2dmg vs. Orcs, +4dmg vs. Undead

SKILLS 6 Climb 2 Concentration 0 Handle Animal 5 Heal 14 Hide 3 Jump 2 Knowledge Nature 7 Listen 14 Move Silently 12 Search 13 Spot 7 Survival 3 Swim 6 Tumble 5 Use Rope

FEATS Weapon Finesse Track Combat Style:Two Weapon Endurance Weapon Focus:Shortsword Improved Combat Style Combat Casting

SPECIAL ABILITIES Wild Empathy Favored Enemy:Orc (+2 Damage) Low Light Vision Immune to Sleep +2 vs Enchantments Animal Companion 2nd Favored Enemy:Undead (+4 Damage)

Spells: 2 First Level Ranger Spells (blades of fire, aspect of wolf, summon natures ally 1, magic fang, longstrider, surefooted stride, rams might, energy resistance)

LANGUAGES Common Elven Sylvan

ITEMS Masterwork Studded Leather Armor, Unknown Bracer, Amulet of Natural Armor +1(Fist), Ring of Protection +2, Rose Colored Ioun Stone, Backpack, Rations x36, Torch x1, Cloth Ragsx10, Knife, Crowbar, Iron Spike x5, Handaxe, Quiver: Arrow x18, blue crystal tipped +1 arrows x2, Mighty Composite Longbow +3, Masterwork Shortsword x2, sunrod x6, smokesticks x3, Magical White Robe of the Cousinhood, Belt, Beltpouch x2, antidote x2, chalk piece, turquoise and green potion, , Shortsword +2, bag of holding, 47 arrows, Heavy Mace +3

Money: CP-2 SP-8 GP-1181+782 1 Red Gem


Kalendios Siannodelin

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