Nordic/Viking-style, female Fighter- hailing from the Far Northern kingdom of Amelungen


In days of ancient glory, Raedegunde was found upon a crisp Spring morning- floating in a noble-prowed and richly-adorned ship; alone upon the River Rhyme. She was found by a lone blacksmith- Dvalin the Dwarf-smith, of the Midgard-Dwarves of Nidhavella, and chief smith to the Royal House of the Arunulfungs in the Kingdom of Amelengen’s capital city of Xanten.

Raedegunde was raised by the skillful, yet gentle hands of Dvalin, and learned from him the noble (if a bit unseemly- for a girl) skills of smithying, and even a bit of combat and sword-play. Among the Arunulfungs, she grew up among their customs and traditions, and was even given the name of- “Raedegunde”- which means “born of weapons.”

Quickly did Raedegunde grow in size and strength. It was not long before she fiery spirit, her skill at arms, and her beauty came to the attention of Queen Byrnhilde, who summoned young Raedegunde to join her young Walkurja-in-training. Queen Brynhilde grew very fond of Raedegunde- treating her almost like a daughter. Raedegunde’s skill with a blade quickly earned her the respect of the veteran Walkurja, and her beauty soon won her the affection of Aethelflaed- a young and beautiful Walkurja-in-training who hailed from Saexden, in the North.

The ever-jealous and spiteful Queen could not allow this tryst to continue, and so, “framing” Raedegunde for the death of Aethelflaed, Queen Byrnhilde orchestrated Raedegunde’s banishment from the Kingdom of Amelungen, and the stripping of her Walkurja status. Raedegunde still bears the runes of the “Helm of Awe” tattooed upon her forehead- though without her Walkurja abilities, they have lost their potency.

Since then, Raedegunde has wandered South, into the “civilized lands,” searching for solace and comfort, and searching for clues as to who she really is, and where she may have hailed from- who had placed her, as an infant, adrift on the Rhyme River? Her wanderings eventually led her to the Imperial city of Prax, where she soon proved herself an able retainer in the city guard. She has recently beocome aware, however, of some clues pointing to the direction of the village of Mont-Under, and has journeyed there in the hopes of uncovering these clues. Her one overriding goal and dream in life, however, is to somehow redeem herself in the eyes of her god- Odin- and be fit to once more retake her place amongst her Walkurja sisters.


Mont Under rachelas