Mont Under

Mysteries, Maladies and Meetings
In which the PCs escape the dungeon after feeling ill, only to fall afoul of the law.

The PCs continue to fight the undead creatures coming out of the floor. Soon, the mysterious voice starts to harass them again, and they discover that exiting the room is not as easy as they once thought.

The PCs eventually buy the time to escape the room thanks to quick work with a Wall of Fire scroll and the appearance of a strange invisible wall.

Mapping out the latest corridor beyond the eastern door leaves the PCs with no more passageways, only key-operated doors left to explore.

Also, after enough time has passed since the end of combat to recover, several party members realize that it is not battle fatigue but rather some other malady that currently weakens them. The decision is made to return to the Crossroads.

Yiqinne’s familiar, Skera, indicates that soldiers are still present in the town, so the PCs decide to use the bird to send notes and arrange a meeting at a neutral location.

Shortly thereafter, in a secluded dale, the party meets with one Captain Leod and three of his soldiers, who informs the PCs that they are wanted by the Mayor Clio and the authorities of Mont-Under for the desecration of the Abandoned Church of the Cousinhood of Sorrows.

The Party agrees to meet with the Captain’s superior, the Quaestor Duclan, in two days time.

Of Soldiers and Spirit Walks, Combats and Crossroads
In which the party listens to gossip, decides to flee soldiers, resolves to put an end to the evil under the ground and shops like it's the day after Thanksgiving.

Beside the undead prisoner’s room is a small room with a rotten pool full of corpses. Kale searches it and finds a sword and shield that match Raedegunde’s new armor.

They fight thru more ghouls to discover more doors along the twisting corridor before it abruptly ends. Having determined what their remaining options are, the PCs return to the Crossroads and prepare to suit up for battle.

The PCs shop, rest and bury Brillum. At one of the busy inns, they meet Diddles, a dark-haired female halfling who claims that soldiers from Mont-Under have been inquiring as to the PCs’ whereabouts.

Raedegunde goes on a spirit walk and detects a terrible presence in the trees by the town at night when the PCs are all sleeping.

Yiqinne see the green light to the south again while on a stroll at midnight.

In the morning, Yiqinne’s hawk spots a larger contingent of soldiers headed south toward the Crossroads. The PCs decide to head back to the underground place and finish what they started before the troops can arrive.

They make their way to one of the unopened doors and see a room with a gridded floor. They enter, removing the keys, and the door closing behind them. Once inside, all of the keyholes in all the doors light up at once.

Increasing numbers of undead monsters rise out of the floor to challenge them. At the same time, between each attack, the keyholes on all three doors flash off and then back on again.

The PCs fight on…

All Day Play - Everything and the Kitchen Sink!
In which the party meets a new friend, talks to a spirit, fights a terrible monster and acquires booty.

Setting off to the northeast, the PCs discover a room with a pool and a ceiling like the inside of a pyramid.

Setting off a gas trap, they get the idea to cover the grate in the floor with tarred bedrolls.

Inside the room, they converse with a “being” from the pool after lighting incense. As a consequence of the meeting, they gain an answer to their question but Yiqinne permanently loses a hp in exchange.

They then find a dark room with glowing eyes and a voice that speaks to them harshly. Beyond the darkness, they uncover a skull with keys inside and some pesky spider things inside skulls.

Returning from that room to the large room with the corpse pile, they find a new heap of bodies.

Attracted to a huge sword on the pile, they discover one of the cadavers is alive. It is a huge human man wielding a great sword locked to his arm with a strange gauntlet, who claims to have no memory of who he is or where he came from.

He joins the group hoping for more answers, but it is not long before opening the south door finds the team in battle with kobold and griffon skeletons.

Beyond the door is a dark, foul-smelling tunnel which reeks of death and evil.

Fighting some wretched ghouls, the party finds a rock fall, beyond which is a room with many sealed up walls. They rest here for a night.

The PCs detect spaces behind each wall and begin to break thru each one. Behind nearly all of them are skeletons chained to the far wall, and one room holds a terrible, horned, monster skeleton!

Beyond this room is another tunnels and more terrible ghouls. A door in the corridor wall leads to a small room where the PCs can see an elegantly armored prisoner’s remains chained to the floor.

When disturbed, the horrible, undead thing comes alive, but thanks to the team’s organized combat and an expertly cast spell, the supernaturally powerful creature is vanquished, but not until it attacks Kale and his Bag of Holding.

Radegunde acquires the creature’s armor and then the party goes in search of Cruven and Kara, who have fled in fear. The party finds them at the foot of a long stairway, leading down to a door which uses many keys, including a new type, a “crescent”.

The party regroups in the room of the undead monster to plan their next move.

Undead Monsters Give Me Gas
In which the party fights the dead, tries to solve a puzzle and loses a new friend.

The next day, the PCs returned to a room to the north where they fought undead hordes for silver and more keys.

Then they discovered a room with corpses lying all over and a corridor with keys on the wall and a gas “trap”.

They brought some zombies to life when testing the “trap” and fought a few before leaving.

Unable to re-enter because of an exploding key, they return to the room with alcoves and a stone table and discover one alcove that had not been opened.

behind tis wall is a room with a chest that contained scrolls and money.

They then headed back to the room with the wall key “trap” and managed to revive all of the corpses.

There was an epic battle after which the room and corridor were filled with the corrosive gas.

The gas nearly claimed the PCs’ lives before they closed the door, leaving many keys behind.

They then decided to explore rooms to the northeast and passed thru the “lizard men” room and opened the door to a room with a tarry floor which hid giant, undead crocodiles.

Kara was stuck in the tar of the floor but escaped. However, a rash Brillum perished at the jaws of the beasts before they were vanquished.

Snakes, Statues and a Spectator
In which the party fights an unbeatable construct of mysterious origin.

The group fights three boney snakes with human skulls in a hall of statues.

Cruven rescues a half a cameo of a woman with snakes and a scrap of white cloth from under the smaller statue of the horse and rider entitled “Solus, The Messenger”.

Some of the statues are ruined, some are whole.

The other names on the statues were: Saatus, Caermon, Achtzen and Tartek.

The Achtzen statue came alive and during combat, it turned back a spell and healed itself.

The party fled to the north and discovered doors to rooms they had not explored before.

While rechecking the large room with the corpse pile, the sinister voice said “Leave now or you die!”.

The PCs returned to town and had the cloth and cameo appraised and went shopping.

June 27th - An Introduction

After resting, the party found the exit open, and decided it might be a good idea to exit and started to do so. Before leaving, the party was addressed by a booming voice that did not seem to be coming from anywhere, but we could all hear it.

The voice informed us that something was waiting for us above ground. Yiqinne, looking for patterns in the activity of the acid gas, had mistakenly assumed the entity, whatever it is, was interested in her survival. It turned out that it was actually interested in Kale’s survival, and knew of Kale’s “family”.

Boasting about its importance, Yiqinne insulted it, stating is was a pawn in a more influential being’s plans.

Upon proceeding up, the party was attacked but easily dispatched the attackers. The decision was made to proceed back to the Crossroads to restock.

During our time in the Crossroads we learned that the small town to the south east (about a half day’s journey) has shown a substantial drop in activity. There have been no travelers coming from the town over the past few days.

We rested at the local inn, and during the evening, there was a loud noise and flash at the tree again. Upon leaving our rooms, we found a note stuck to a door inviting us to return to the tree. This handwriting did not match that found on the original note that accompanied the star found at the farm of Kale’s family.

As the citizens got concerned, small groups started to organize to go investigate. Confident that if anything hostile was present it would easily kill the locals, we convinced them to allow us to investigate.

Upon travel to the tree, nothing major looked wrong, but as a member of the party approached the tree, it attacked. We sustained some damage from the battle, but were able to burn it down and destroy it, leaving the opening to the complex accessible.

We went back to town to assure the people there was nothing wrong and rest. Upon returning to the complex, the decision was made to proceed to the room with the table with the “keys” on it and open the remainder of the recesses in a controlled manner. We were successful in doing this.

We proceeded to go south through door into a chamber where several party members were trapped and engaged in battle with some sort of phase shifting creature. Among its weaknesses was silver.

June 12, 2009 - Into the Mists

So members of the party could recover after our conflict with the lizards, we decided to retreat to a room that was large and easily defendable. During the first 8 hours of resting, there were several strange noises. There were several “clangs”, and the sounds of movement and voices. There was also some laughter.

Yiqinne and Cruven decided to go and check it out. Upon moving into the corridor connecting to the main entrance, a very large figure was seen exiting to the outside, and the door shut behind it. A large footprint, about 2’ long, left in the dirt along with a lot of other footprints. We returned to the main group.

After 8 hours, several of our spell casters still needed extra rest to regain some stamina, so a small scout team decided to head out into the complex and do some recon.

The first place our travels took us was to the room where bodies were being piled. Yiqinne noticed that the number of bodies had increased, as new ones were added to the pile. Some were human, but there were also some exotic and rare creatures.

The team then moved into the room where we fought the lizard creatures, and as we moved across the grate in the floor, laid the dead bodies of the lizards in an attempt to block whatever might come out of there.

Over the grate we found a large, open, and otherwise unremarkable room. Following through a door on the opposite side, we followed a corridor around to a door with several keys that we did not possess. The voice we had heard, closer than it has been any time before, mocked the group coming to a “dead end”. We decided to return to the main party and get ready to move forward.

As we returned, a green gas started to pour out of the grate in the floor. This left a burning sensation for all who entered the cloud and did substantial damage. Use of the Ioun Stone that eliminates the need to breathe did not help stop this. After several rounds, the gas dissipated, and we could hear the same voice laughing.

After returning to the main party, we decided to move forward through the “blue mist” room. Carefully proceeding, Yiqinne and our new dwarf companion were first. Yiqinne ended up moving faster, and crossed a grate in the blue mist, around a corner, and up some stairs out of the mist on the other side. Our dwarf companion tied off some rope on the grate to give others a path to follow around potential pits in the mist.

As he was tying off the rope, the green gas began to flow out of the grate and mix with the blue mist. This had the same effect as in the other room. Over the next few rounds, the green gas spread, and the party fragmented into three different rooms:

- Yiqinne, the dwarf, Kale, and Tyk ended up in a room with a number of recesses in the walls and a small stone table with four “keys” on it, a triangle and three stars. The blocked access of crumbled dirt on the far end clearly connected to the “bone room”.

- Cruven and Caaden ended up in the “bone room”, attempting to dig out the collapsed earth.

- Kara, and Raedegunde ended up in the corridor on the other side of the mist.

The following sequence of events then occurred:

- Yiqinned removed one of the stars from the table, and two recesses opened, revealing undead creatures that moved in to attack.

- The green gas continued to spread.

- Having excellent Fortitude, Raedegunde decided to charge through the gas and help out those in the main room.

- Kara, now separated from the two in the “bone room”, decided to run around the corridors to get there and help them dig as fast as possible.

As the initial combat sequence finished, the gas continued to spread into the main room. Raedeguned had made it in, but was still inside the gas cloud, as was Tyq. In an ill-advised attempt to stop the gas, Yiqinne went and removed the triangle from the table. This opened four more recesses and four new undead combatants. The triangle was replaced, but the openings did not shut. With the party sustaining heavy damage from the gas and earlier combat, the odds of survival for everyone looked grim.

Very quickly Kale, Raedegunde, and Tyq were knocked unconscious, pushing close to death, particularly Raedegunde. Shortly after Raedegunde and Tyq went down, the gas dissipated. Yiqinne stabilized Raedegunde, and the dwarf stabilized Kale.

As combat progressed, the dwarf dealt with a large undead bull, as three large undead turned their attention to Yiqinne.

For some unknown reason, the digging that was being done by Cruven and Caaden was accelerated as the dirt blocking the access “blew out” as if some form of pressure had pushed it out into the “bone room”. A dead body was noted buried in the dirt, but little attention was paid to it at this time.

Cruven raced to the other side of the main room and stabilized Tyq. Caaden unloaded some of his stronger spells and helped bring down the bull. The dwarf kept the three other undead at bay by becoming a focal point for their attacks, while Yiqinne then cast mage armor on herself and attempted to keep their focus on her. Cruven and Caaden then used these opportunities to unload ranged attacks.

Unfortunately, Caaded ended up in a position where he was exposed to an attack, and was knocked unconscious. The dwarf also went unconscious.

Kara arrived and began to attack from one end of the room while Cruven attacked from the other, and Yiqinne continued to move around the enemies and keep the focus on her. The enemies were finally taken down. Caaden was stabilized.

All members of the party were dragged into the large room we had rested in before. The party was able to rest for an extended period of time, and although not up to full strength, everyone is now on the positive side of HP.

During the extended rest, Yiqinne and Kara decided to scout the main entrance and see if the thing which entered before returned. The things were indeed returning, and it was noted that the “skull” relief was now closed again. Many creatures entered the main room, with the large ones seeming to haul in stuff.

There were a number of low level guards, and a higher ranking “leader”. This creature looked somewhat orcish, but had green/black scaly skin. One of the large creatures seemed to interact with the leader, and seemed smarter than the other large creatures.

Once they left, a search showed that more bodies had been added to the pile and that a red gem pendant with the snake eating itself was found on the floor, displaying “weak” magic. Yiqinne and Kara rejoined the party and informed them of what was seen.

May 24th, 2009 - A flash in the distance

The party continued to attempt to fight off the enemies. An undead troll seemed to be leading the ground charge. Several other creatures charged in with it, and our melee combatants formed a block at the stairs to prevent them from getting to those in the party who had poor defenses.

Unexpectedly, the creatures all seemed to turn at once and retreat towards the tree we had come up from. A rumbling and large green flash of light in that area was noted at that time. Despite the party continuing to launch ranged attacks, the enemies seemed to be focused only on heeding this “call”.

The party decided to rest and do a quick exploration of the area after. Again, most structures visited were found to be empty, but several dead bodies were noted in some areas. It was quickly decided to return to the tree and see what might be happening that caused them to head in this direction.

Our rangers noted footprints other than our own leading to and from the tree entrance. We decided to proceed down into the tree again.

Upon getting to the main room, the wall with the skull relief opened and several large skeletal serpents attacked. After dispatching with them, we headed again to the room with the “dark earth”. To our surprise, this area was now covered with corpses, most quite fresh. We did not think these were any of the creatures that attacked us the evening before.

Moving forward, we followed a path that went generally north. We entered a room with a large crypt in the middle of the room. As we attempted to investigate the crypt, specifically our attempt to open it, it slid back and allowed about 10 undead lizard creatures to come out and attack us. Despite taking some substantial damage, all members of the party managed to survive, although Caaden was rendered unconscious. A search of the area yielded approximately 1,300 gp under the crypt area and a large room to the north.

As the party looked for a place to hold up and get Caaden back on his feet, the voice again came to most of us, telling us to leave him behind, and that his kind (we suspect by this, me means magic users) will only slow us down. The party is now considering its next move, but has agreed that this must include getting Caaden on his feet again.

May 1st, 2009 - The vacancy

With several in the party still injured, we decided to leave the area and return to the surface. Once above ground we headed to the small village nearby, and found it oddly empty. We rested in a small inn, and met up with a dwarf adventurer, and he join us for the time being.

During our time in town, we were attacked by a host of undead, a mix of animals, humanoids, and fey creatures who have been transformed to this state. We retreated to what seemed to be a guard tower for tactical advantage as the enemies attacked from both the ground and the air.

April 17th, 2009 - The roots of the tree

After defeating the enemies, the party decided to move forward through the door to northeast. This required using one of our star shaped “keys”, which ended up stuck in the lock. This lead to a corridor that wound around west then south again, coming to an area where some debris had settled that blocked out path. A 5’ opening was cleared, and the party proceeded to a larger room. After a battle with additional undead, the party searched and found a secret panel containing a large sum of gold coins and some additional “keys”.

The party proceeded south, through another door requiring keys. This lead to a small corridor, then into a larger room, where the party was attacked by numerous skeletons. Tyk proceeded to turn them, destroying over half of our attackers. After defeating them all, we noted the room had a pile of bones in the middle of it. Another path to the south was noted, but the earth had collapsed in that area. An attempt to rest was thwarted by a voice which seemed to speak to all of us, telling us we would see no rest here and to proceed on.

We did continue exploring, coming to a small room several steps down that seemed to be filled with an unnatural fog. We also noted a new door to the south requiring several keys, including ones we had not yet seen.

The party returned to the main entrance room with the skull relief and decided to open the door to the south and attempt another approach. This lead to a corridor that came to another entrance into the “fog” room and a path leading to the east. We used a Gust of Wind scroll to try to clear out the fog, which retreated for a short time, exposing several holes in the floor. Another large room was found in the other direction, and had a large area of “dark earth” near the west wall, which seemed to be caused by blood saturating the soil.


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