Mont Under

Feeling a Little Goonie

One Down, Eight to go

Notes from an adventurer…

We began investigating the long boats that were on the shore and opening the crates that were there as well.  During this we saw a spirit walking along the shore a ways away and disappear into a wall.  After finding some mundane (but some useful) items in the crates and the boats to be in working order, we investigated the wall where the spirit vanished.  We found a small niche with some old bones in it.  In the midst of this, a strange swirl of stones appeared over the
water and began launching stones at us.  We defeated this creature/enchantment/whatever it was.  Using the boats, some of the party explored the other beach in the cavern which also had several crates and some partially sunken (and determined to be, rotten) long boats.  While investigating these, the “away team” was attacked by a large number of troglodytes emerging from the water.  These were impressively dispatched by a coordinated attack by the whole party. 

Following the battle, the party reunited on the second shore and then went to explore the pirate ship (which was sunken about to the level of the main deck).  While searching the ship, we were attacked from above by a flying hideous hag.  She was defeated(?) and fell into the water, but not before Kara fell from some manner of spell from the hag.

Yiqinne explored the aft quarters above water and found a foul room with seaweed and bones but little else.  Someone (I think it was Aegon) took the Breathe-free Ioun stone and went below deck.  There he encountered a large crustacean-like creature guarding the back of the ship and engaged in combat.  This was the point where the session ended.

However, these are important details.  Faest (the dwarf) appears to have a bit of treachery in his blood.  He is very interested in whatever is in the back of this ship.  During the battle, the main deck has begun to break apart, and several party members are now in the water.  Aegon is currently being grappled by the crustacean and is receiving a great deal of damage. 



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