Mont Under

Resolution and Diplomacy

In which our heroes clean up old messes and at the same time, try not to create new ones.

Kara examines Z’s gold and chestnut staff inside the cage.

Given time, Yiqinne picks the lock to the doors at the bottom of the cage’s base at last!

About three dozen commoners are discovered in the pen behind the barred doors to the north. Their most senior member appears to be a warrior called Dino.

Kara experiments with the levers inside the cage and works the doors, metal flooring, etc… and in the process, also freeing the commoners.

Kara descend through the trap door in the floor of the cage and finds a circular room packed with machinery. There are pipes everywhere, leading into and out of the floor, flowing with green liquid and gas, and a huge 10’ glass sphere containing a horned, scaly, gray-skinned, winged humanoid creature with claws and a tail suspended in the liquid.

Caaden determines the staff to be a Staff of Divination.

Kale combs the crowd looking for and asking about his family but gets no answers.

Caaden and Vas repeatedly attack the sphere. Vas makes a crack in the sphere and a jet of green liquid starts shooting out.

The rest of the party start evacuating the room with the townspeople.

The sphere cracks open and empties of the green fluid, and the creature’s body spills out onto the floor. Kara puts a sling bullet into the thing and the creature’s body dissolves.

Immediately afterward, the machinery stops working. Caaden detects a fading aura of magic on the goo.

The PCs lead the villagers through the complex, stopping in the room with the acid filled canals, where Kara retrieves the gem with Mage Hand.

They exit the complex just after midnight. No booming sound is heard and no green light seen.

Raedegunde speaks to a young boy named Raen who is afraid to go home to the village.

Tyk, Raedegunde and Vas take the villagers home with the two wolves as guards as the others stay to explore one more room.

Kara, Caaden, Cruven, Tyk and Yiqinne explore the room with the gas and the wall of keys, carefully avoiding the room of statues. Kara solves the puzzle and opens a secret door behind which are thousands of coins, a gold ring, more keys and a fancy Armband of Elusive Action.

Finally, all the members of the party rendezvous at the Inn in Lovedell. The villagers spend four nights unmolested at the inn before trying to establish some order in the town.

Raedegunde seeks wisdom from Odin, and Kara, who has been afflicted with strange weaknesses, travels to the Crossroads and seeks Lisp’s aid to remove a curse.

On the fourth day the party all head to Fairingtown Branch for the meeting with the Mayor. On the way, they see roads full of people taking boats and fishing equipment out to Sapphire Lake.

Once in town, they make a plan to head for the Inn and the meeting. Kara decides to go into the Inn before the others, wearing a in disguise, as Cruven keeps watch on a neighboring rooftop.

The rest of the PCs see Capt. Leod and other soldiers just outside the inn. Inside, Kara meets a barkeep called Laren. Leod and the PCs arrange to hold the Meeting asap and the barkeep clears the Inn while Leod fetches the City Official. Kara hides behind the bar as the room is emptied of other patrons.

Leod returns with a carriage soon following, but it is not the Mayor who enters with her guards but rather, the Lord Vaob, who sits on the Mont-Under City Council of Twelve, who comes in her place. His guards are three unique warriors called Garyss, Krass and Qilop.

The meeting lasts for an hour, during which Vaob asks many questions about the party, and the Church and tell the group about how the Baron Gwaup has been agitating over Kale’s presence on his land and in the Council about Kale and his friends trespassing at the Church.

Vaob also shows the party, in confidence, an odd but very valuable scabbard marked with a curious silver letter “A” inside an oval and tells the tale of how it was discovered by fisherman on Sapphire Lake.

The town is now in a frenzy over finding the sword which fits the scabbard, assuming it is also somewhere in the Lake. Lord Vaob also relates how the Mayor’s children have been lost while joining the search for the sword. His investigation into this matter is the real reason for his presence in Fairingtown Branch and why he was available for this meeting.

Vaob asks the group’s assistance to help find the children and promises to keep in touch.

We left the game with the meeting is about to adjourn.



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